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January 20, 2024
Cheapest Calls, Encrypted Chat
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More About VRApp

You can make premium-quality international calls for the best rates on the market to any kind of phone in the world. Or you can make uninterrupted FREE voice and video calls, private messaging, file sharing.VRApp is an All-in-One SERVER-LESS communication app using 6 times less data.
Why choose VRApp?

VRApp offers different types of international calling depending on your needs. You can call with our cheap per-minute rates to any number in the world, or enjoy FREE face-to-face HD video/voice calls and connect with your friends, family or coworkers with high-quality video/voice calls. Photo-realistic colors and crystal clear voice is guaranteed thanks to VRApp with its new revolutionary communication protocol where you can connect anywhere, even with 2G/ EDGE, noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks. When connecting at a cafe or other public space, VRApp will adapt to your Internet connection to still provide uninterrupted calls and keep all your communication encrypted and private.

No matter how you choose to call, there’s no contract, no cancellation period, and absolutely no hidden fees. You can use it absolutely free.

Reduce DATA usage

Save your data plan, when making calls or chat. The data-efficient VRApp lets you make voice/video calls for up to 7 minutes while consuming only 1 MB of bandwidth.

Privacy is Priority

VRApp is designed for secure communication. We care for your privacy. Communication history is never stored on any servers. The fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever. VRApp will never give third parties access to your data since VRApp doesn’t have that data in the first place.


VRApp to VRApp communication is always FREE. But you may add credit to make international or local calls at low-cost rates using VRApp-Out services.

Private Chats

With VRApp, enjoy private chats with your family members or friends, and never worry that your communication can be leaked or hacked. Reply or forward specific messages in the group chat. Personalize the group with a group image, name, background and more.


You can instantly send and share text messages, photos, and videos, voice, and video recordings, GIFs, or any other files with VRApp messenger download. And you can be sure on your privacy, as we are using serverless technology, plus communication is encrypted to make it impossible to intercept it by 3rd parties.

Call wherever you want

No matter where you are calling from or where you want to reach, VRApp provides the best prices for the highest quality calls. Using 6x less data. Our most popular countries to call include: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Brazil, Afghanistan, Ghana, Colombia and many more.

Download the app today to try it all for free! All new accounts get free credit to test VRApp-Out!

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