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SupportPay: Expenses & Custody

SupportPay: Expenses & Custody

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(0 Reviews) February 13, 2024
SupportPay: Expenses & Custody SupportPay: Expenses & Custody SupportPay: Expenses & Custody SupportPay: Expenses & Custody SupportPay: Expenses & Custody SupportPay: Expenses & Custody

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February 13, 2024
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SupportPay, the app designed to revolutionize the way single, divorced, co-parents, step-parents, pet parents and families handle expenses.
With SupportPay, you can effortlessly share, manage, and track all types of expenses, ensuring seamless communication and financial transparency for parents and families.

Trusted by tens of thousands of users, SupportPay is the original, most robust, and highly secure platform designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by parents and families like you.

Upgrade to the premium version of SupportPay for complete and FREE access to WeParent by SupportPay, our comprehensive custody and communication application.


EFFORTLESS EXPENSE MANAGEMENT: Easily add, view, and save expenses, payments, receipts, and payment proof. With SupportPay's receipt scanning technology, eliminate the hassle of manual expense entry by simply uploading a receipt. Our app automatically captures and stores the data for you.

IMPORT OLD EXPENSES: This feature allows co-parents to easily migrate their existing financial data into the app, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving valuable time.

STREAMLINED CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Resolve financial disagreements with ease through advanced conflict management methods. SupportPay provides a platform to review, dispute, and resolve conflicts, ensuring that other payments continue to flow smoothly through the system, giving you extra peace of mind.

SECURE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Send and receive payments securely via your bank or PayPal, while keeping your account data private. Whether it's cash, credit card, check, or payments made through state child support systems, SupportPay has you covered with keeping records.

CUSTOMIZABLE EXPENSE TRACKING: Tailor your expense tracking to fit your needs. Customize expense tracking by child, custom categories, and merchants.

CERTIFIED LEGAL RECORDS: Store, save, export, and print legally admissible certified records for court, tax, or any other purposes. SupportPay ensures that you have the necessary documentation to meet legal requirements.

SEAMLESS CO-PARENTING: Use SupportPay on your own for personal tracking and certified record-keeping, or connect with your other parent for automatic tracking, payments, dispute management, and transparency. Collaborate effectively and navigate co-parenting responsibilities effortlessly.


Transparency and Fairness: SupportPay promotes transparency and fairness in financial matters, allowing all parties to easily track expenses, payments, and contributions.

Streamlined Communication: No more miscommunication and confusion. SupportPay provides a centralized platform for users to communicate and discuss financial matters, fostering healthy and effective communication.

Organizational Efficiency: With SupportPay, you can stay organized and in control of your finances. The app's intuitive features and tools help you effortlessly manage expenses, payments, and scheduling, saving you time and reducing stress.

Legal Compliance: SupportPay ensures compliance with legal requirements and court orders. The app provides an accurate and detailed record of expenses and payments, making it a reliable source of information for legal purposes.

Download SupportPay today and take control of your co-parenting journey. SupportPay, the app that empowers you to effectively share, manage, and track your expenses.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that SupportPay is an independent application for parents to manage child support and share expenses directly with each other. We are NOT associated with any state or government child support service or agency, and we are not an enforcement agency. If you are looking for the status of your child support payment from the state, please visit your state child support agency’s website.

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