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Puzzle Breakers: Champions War

Puzzle Breakers: Champions War

19.6.0 by RJ Games
(0 Reviews) January 23, 2024
Puzzle Breakers: Champions War Puzzle Breakers: Champions War Puzzle Breakers: Champions War Puzzle Breakers: Champions War Puzzle Breakers: Champions War Puzzle Breakers: Champions War

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January 23, 2024
RJ Games
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More About Puzzle Breakers: Champions War

Explore a realm of fantasy and strategy with Puzzle Breakers: Champions War, an epic match-3 RPG game. As you embark on this quest, the echo of an age of war and the call of an empire beckons. Rally your league of champions, superheroes, and heroes, and march towards an epic destiny that awaits in the shadows of your ancestors' castle.
PUZZLE & STRATEGY: Use the power of match mechanics combined with RPG adventure to fight formidable foes, unlocking ancient mysteries and tales of conquest. Experience the blend of match strategy and RPG as you unveil the legends of heroes, champions, and empires.

HEROES & VILLAINS: A league of heroes, each bearing unique skills. Lead these champions into the fantasy arena, showcasing their power in strategic match battles against villains.

WARS & ARENAS: In this realm of fantasy, the echo of war drums resounds. Engage in fierce PvP confrontations, revealing the might of your heroes. Experience the royal drama in the arena, where every battle narrates the course of an empire's legacy.

RAIDS & ALLIANCES: Venture on royal raids in this RPG quest, getting treasures that empower your league of champions. Forge epic alliances to win in every arena battle.

IDLE ADVENTURES: Even a hero needs a break in the midst of battle and the idle gameplay is here to help you. Your empire, driven by heroes and champions, continues its march toward glory, defending your castle even when you step away.

EMPIRE'S LEGACY: The tales of your courage will resonate throughout the realm. As a hero of a royal league, will you raise the castle from its ashes, guiding your empire toward unmatched supremacy in this fantasy landscape?

• 150+ champions and superheroes, each waiting for your call.
• Challenging match-3 puzzles combined with an RPG quest, revealing tales of empire and fantasy.
• Arena wars set the stage for epic battles for territory in this fantasy world.
• Idle progression in PvP allows you to rank up even in your absence.
• Powerful alliances and clans to go on raids for grand rewards in this empire quest.
• Immerse in an age of war, where your castle's destiny is on the edge.
• Seek the stars, leveling up your heroes in arena battles and unlocking their skills.

Puzzle Breakers: Champions War beckons. Will you answer the call, master the match puzzles, and lead your league of heroes to etch an enduring legacy? The stage of fantasy, war, and empire awaits your command!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HjWjEa8saM
Support: https://support.puzzle-breakers.com/hc/requests/new

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