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Notes - Notepad and Reminders

Notes - Notepad and Reminders

3.6.4 by Sourav Rana
(0 Reviews) January 25, 2024
Notes - Notepad and Reminders Notes - Notepad and Reminders Notes - Notepad and Reminders Notes - Notepad and Reminders Notes - Notepad and Reminders Notes - Notepad and Reminders

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January 25, 2024
Sourav Rana
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More About Notes - Notepad and Reminders

Notes is a very simple to use notes making app. you can quickly write what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right time. In this app you can easily write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and also can set reminders on them. Further, you can backup your notes in your Google Drive and restore them when you reinstall Notes on same or anther Device. Its UI is inspired from Apple's Notes App.
You can easily type as many characters as you want to type in your notes. you can also give Title to your notes if you want. you can easily View, Edit, Delete and share your notes. you don't need to press any save button or manually save your notes after typing them, just type your notes on the Notepad and press back button that's it, the app will automatically save your notes and display them in your Notes List.
you can also see the last date you have Edited your notes. you can easily set Reminders on your notes also can cancel and modify them, you will get notification of those Notes, you can also see your all reminders on Reminders Page. you can also attach as many Images as you want, to your notes from Internal Storage of your phone. Its interface is very Simple to understand and User friendly. The App also has very cool looking Dark theme, you can enable it from the Settings page.

* Features *
- write and organize your notes.
- create lists, messages, e-mails, memos.
- delete, modify, share notes easily.
- Backup/Restore your Notes with Google Drive.
- Rich Text Editor: format your text make it bold, italic, underlined and more
- simple interface easy to use.
- Set Reminder on notes and Organize them.
- attach Images from Internal Storage.
- Switch between Dark theme and Light Theme.
- Search notes from Title and body.
- Powerful task reminder : Time and date Alarm.
- Give Titles to your notes.
- Share notes via SMS, whatsApp and E-mail etc.
- Free to use.
- automatic note saving.

- The "Notes- Notepad, Reminders and Notes" requires Read Write Internal Storage permissions for accessing Images to attach in your Notes.
- Alarm permissions to show Notifications of your Reminders.
- Internet Permissions to access internet to show ads.

- the Notes App consist few Banner Ads on the bottom of pages and 1 one Interstitial Ad.

Q - why notifications for Reminders are not showing up when the app is closed?
Sol -: In some devices like MI or OPPO etc. The system shut downs notification services or delay these services due to Battery optimization when they are in background. these devices only let you get the notifications from some special Apps like whatsApp etc. You can try these steps. they may solve your problem -:
step 1: Goto settings >

step 2: search for "Battery optimization" >

step 3: from here, tap on "apps not optimized" and switch to "all apps."
step 4: search for Notes app (of which you are not getting notification)
step 5: tap on Notes app and set it as not optimized so that it can receive notification.


XIAOMI : Enable autostart for the Notes app. Open up Security and click through to Permissions and Autostart. Make sure Notes is enabled.
OPPO : Make sure Notes is on the list of allowed start-up apps. Open Security Center, click Privacy Permissions, then Startup Manager, and then allow Notes App to start-up in the background.
VIVO : Enable the auto-start setting for the Notes app. Open i Manager, click the App Manager, then Autostart manager, and then allow Notes App to auto-start in the background.
ONE PLUS : Make sure Notes is on the auto-launch list. Open up Settings and click Apps > the gear icon > Apps Auto-launch. Find Notes in the list and toggle it on to enable auto-launch.
If you still getting this problem let us know in the reviews section of the app. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

If you have any additional question, find any bug or want me add any other feature in the next update of the Notes App, let me know in the Reviews section.

Thank You.

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