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Lords and Tactics

Lords and Tactics

1.0.01545 by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
(0 Reviews) January 07, 2024
Lords and Tactics Lords and Tactics Lords and Tactics Lords and Tactics Lords and Tactics Lords and Tactics

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January 07, 2024
Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
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More About Lords and Tactics

The latest strategic State Battle of 2022 has begun. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take Luoyang!
During the late Eastern Han dynasty, the world was at war. Brilliant strategies were your greatest asset to conquer the world!

Gather heroes and champions! Use your thirty-six stratagems to defeat enemies and take over their cities.
Become the emperor. All the wealth and power are yours for the taking! The great journey to unite the divided lands begins today!

[Daily State Battles]
The fight for resources is here! There are almost 200 cities waiting for you to claim their abundant supplies!

[Realistic Strategy Gameplay]
Experience a realistic, massive battlefield that reimagines the common strategies in the Three Kingdoms era. The army is made of three rows and various unit types, such as Calvaries, Infantries, and Crossbowmen. Command your soldiers to take formation and slay the enemies!

[Thirty-Six Stratagems]
Take advantage of the brilliant stratagems and counter your opponent's every move to dominate this game of gambits!

[Relive The Three Kingdoms Era]
The Five Tiger Generals of Shu Han, the Five Great Generals of Cao Wei, and the Tiger Ministers of Jiangdong are reimagined and brought to you as realistic, magnificent characters. The legendary Green Dragon Crescent Blade, Red Hare, treasures, and mounts are all yours for the taking!

Join Lords and Tactics now and build your empire! Download today to get 10 draws, Zhao Yun, and more for free!

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