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EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D

EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D

1.38 by Rise to the top of evolution‪!‬
(0 Reviews) January 23, 2024
EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D

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January 23, 2024
Rise to the top of evolution‪!‬
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More About EVO: Crazy Beasts 3D

Join the epic battle between giant monsters! Choose your beast and destroy the city as quickly as possible. Evolve and show who is the boss in the city!
Destroy the city and evolve

The gameplay of Evo Crazy Beasts 3D is straightforward - choose your monster and cause maximum damage in the time allotted for the round. For each destroyed object, you get experience. When your monster levels up, it evolves, getting bigger, and its appearance changes. Turn the little animal into a huge dragon bigger than skyscrapers! But keep in mind that it won’t be easy at all, you are surrounded by opponents who are eager to throw you off the top of the leaderboard and take all your earned experience. Fight and crush them before they have time to understand anything. Smash the city in the allotted time and rise to the top of evolution!

Fight in different modes

Evo Crazy Beasts 3D has 2 main game modes - “classic” and “destruction”. In classic mode you have to fight against other monsters, evolve your beast and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Will you be able to defeat all opponents and remain the only survivor on the map? But remember, it won't be simple. Giant opponents can be dangerous, so try to avoid them until you are the same size as them. And when you evolve into the biggest monster on the map - charge into battle and dominate!

In the ""destruction"" mode, your goal is to destroy the city in a limited amount of time. Destroy buildings, uproot trees, trample cars - in general, do everything in your power to cause maximum destruction as quickly as possible. Here, as in the classics, evolution will help you. Grow a monster so big that he can't fit into the screen. Become strong, destroy buildings and prove that your beast is the biggest and scariest!

Unlock new monsters

Play, complete the progress and unlock new beasts to fight and destroy even more effectively. There are many different monsters in the game, so you can definitely find the companion you looking for. Do you want to play as a cute electric cat? Or maybe a werewolf or a dragon? Unlock new characters, follow their evolution and smash the city with a style!

Level up to deal as much damage as possible

After each round, you get a currency that you can use to improve your monster. Do you want your beast to be the fastest? Then pump up the speed. Or maybe you want your monster to deal more damage? Then power is your choice. What if you don't want to choose? Then take the income bonus and buy all the upgrades at once! Use your logic and come up with a strategy for the best way to spend the money you earn. Pump up the monster and break into the battle, smash the opponents and destroy the city!

Game features:

- Grow your beasts and uncover new forms for them
- Unlock new monsters by being the biggest monster in town
- Destroy the surroundings and clear the whole area
- Avoid clashing into someone bigger than you
- Set your high score in two different game modes
- Smash your opponents and grow bigger every time!
- Addictive gameplay and easy controls
- Simple and user-friendly UI
- Good-looking minimalistic graphics
- It is just a game, so don’t forget to have fun!

Get ready for destruction and battle in the city against giant monsters. Upgrade and evolve to set new records. Unlock new animals and play as a real dragon. Play the best evolution game for free! Download and fight!

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