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Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

10216 by NDREAM Corporation
(0 Reviews) January 23, 2024
Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

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January 23, 2024
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More About Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

The evil immortal Undead King has appeared on the peaceful Dragonia continent.
A fierce war between kingdoms has begun to reclaim the Dragon Castle occupied by the Undead King!
Build your own kingdom and conquer the Dragon Castle in the open-world simulation, Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest!

▶ Advance Through Village Management ◀

Become the master of your own farm to gather resources and jewels from the mines!
If you excel at cooking, equipment crafting, and researching, you can advance even faster.
Become the Lord of a Castle and build and manage the village as you please!

▶ Grow Powerful Dragons and Knights ◀

Raise and nurture baby dragons to grow them into your very own powerful dragon companions.
Recruit unique knights such as Humans, Elves, and Half-Beasts into your army.
Gather dragons and knights with special skills to lead the strongest army on the continent!

▶ Research For Your Own Strategies ◀

Defeat various Boss Monsters with the best strategy considering the compatibility and deployment of your troops.
If you cannot conquer alone, join forces with your allies and defeat the enemy together.
Obtain numerous loots and grow your kingdom while preparing to compete with other kingdoms!

▶ Large-scale Real-time Battles ◀

Take part in grand-scale battles by commanding multiple troops in real-time.
Work together with your allies to expand the kingdom's territory and conquer the ultimate destination, the Dragon Castle.
The kingdom that conquers the Dragon Castle will gain great honor and rewards.

Check out our official website and social media pages!
▶ dragon.ndream.com
▶ https://linktr.ee/dragonsiege
▶ https://discord.gg/8PpYcraKNc

■ App Permission Notice
[Mandatory Permission]
- None

[Optional Permission]
1. Camera and Storage
- Photo, media, and file permission are needed when players wish to attach files within their 1:1 customer service inquiries.

※ However, if players send their 1:1 customer service inquiries through the in-game web browser, there may be a separate request for permission to the above categories. If so, access permission for photos, media, and files may not be required.
※ Game services are available without consenting to optional access rights, but some of the features provided may be restricted.

■ App Permission Setting Notice
- Players with Android versions under 6.0 currently cannot select their access permission (Automatically allows permission). Therefore, if you wish to deny permission, please upgrade your device to Android 6.0 or above. Also, even if you upgrade, the selected permission setting will not change automatically, so we advise you to reinstall the game and select your permission settings.

[Android 6.0 or Above]
1. Permission Setting
- Device Setting > Privacy > Permission Manager > select category > select app > allow or deny

2. App Permission Setting
- Device Settings > Apps > select app > Permission > select category > allow or deny

[Below Android 6.0]
- You cannot change permission for individual apps and must delete the app to deny access.

※ The terms and phrases used in the description may differ depending on your device or OS version.

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