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Bride Of The Nightmare

Bride Of The Nightmare

1.0.4 by Devils Otome Romance Game
(0 Reviews) June 26, 2024
Bride Of The Nightmare Bride Of The Nightmare Bride Of The Nightmare Bride Of The Nightmare Bride Of The Nightmare Bride Of The Nightmare

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June 26, 2024
Devils Otome Romance Game
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More About Bride Of The Nightmare

A fantasy that begins when the moon hides in a dream
It's been a month since Lucy worked here as a maid in the Pravus Castle, where the incubus reside.

Urian, fascinated by Lucy, suddenly declares that he will hand over his throne to the man who wins her heart.
Thanks to Urian’s competition, Lucy is left with three candidates who will fight to become her lover.

The three potential lovers appeal to Lucy in their own ways.
As Lucy spends dreamy nights with each of them, she gets closer and closer to them……

In the eternal world where the moon never sets, the only thing that comes forward is the innermost, deepest ‘instincts’.
"Please want me. Love me. Then I will give you my all."

Make your own history in Bride of the Nightmare!

Ivan is a half-incubus and half-human who serves as the adviser of the Dark Lord.
He's a perfectionist who likes to keep things neat and get his work done.
Something about Ivan gives off a sexy vibe whenever he does something.
Although he’s looked down upon by the other incubus for being mixed-blooded, Ivan has earned Urian’s complete trust thanks to his intelligence and competency when it comes to working.
No one can really go against Ivan, and his position as Urian’s adviser is solid.

A member of St. Lumiere's exorcist and a liaison with the Dark Lord.
Dylan is a free-spirited character who hates tedious things.
He's always smiling and knows how to please others.
Dylan lightens up the mood inside the dull castle with his bright and fun personality.
But outside of the castle, like an exorcist, he's a loyal and faithful member who obeys all orders.
However, the way he handles situations is often questionable.

A pure-blooded incubus, serving as the right hand of the Dark Lord.
He mistreats those weaker than him and has a pretty perverted fetish and a nasty temper.
He's very prideful and proud of his authority, and although the way he handles his work is often devilishly cruel, he gets them done right.
Jaime can be a bit burdensome at times, for he loves to physically be in touch with other women.

The owner of the Pravus Castle.
In the past, he was so intimidating that his presence would overwhelm everyone in the room.
Recently, however, it seems that his power doesn't feel the same as it used to be.
He enjoys conversations and small talks and especially likes to have teatime with Ivan.
Urian can get very lazy at times, meaning he rarely touches his workload
and is rife, yet he is still the most respected authority.

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