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Battle 3D - Zombie Edition

Battle 3D - Zombie Edition

1.5.7 by The awakening of zombies
(0 Reviews) January 23, 2024
Battle 3D - Zombie Edition Battle 3D - Zombie Edition Battle 3D - Zombie Edition Battle 3D - Zombie Edition Battle 3D - Zombie Edition Battle 3D - Zombie Edition

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January 23, 2024
The awakening of zombies
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More About Battle 3D - Zombie Edition

Battle 3D Z is a military strategy game with lots of units, spectacular scenery, advanced artificial intelligence and more fun than ever:Now dead soldiers turn into zombies that attack your soldiers, they are faster and more resistant, but need to be close to attack. As a group they are very dangerous. The main feature of this game is that you can handle the battle from above or handle the unit you want whenever you want.This is what we had always dreamed of doing in strategy games, entering the battle in the first person with the unity you want.In addition, if you handle the unit, it is more resistant and shoots faster, so in some missions it is convenient to handle it to pass the mission.
Several types of battles:
-Big battles with hundreds of units: You will have to try to place your armies so that everyone shoots at the enemy, trying to make the enemy only fire with few units.
-Battles for control of industrial areas: Factories produce units every so often, you have to defend yours and conquer those of the enemy before enemy makes a large army.
-Nuclear battles: Destroy tank armies by launching the atomic bomb in the right place.
 In other missions the enemy has the bomb, move your army to minimize the damage of a nuclear attack.
-Soldier battles, where aiming is the most important. Use sniper mode to kill enemy soldiers from afar.
-Aerial battles between aircrafts, helicopters and anti-aircraft.

Wide variety of scenarios: Cliffs, mountains, lakes, cities, deserts, plains, oceans.

Mission editor where you can create your own battles by selecting number of units, zombies, battle scenario, atomic bombs available on each side, number of factories ...

In missions created with mission editor, you can also add units directly to the battlefield with a dropdown menu.

All this makes Battle 3D Z an essential game for strategy lovers, don't wait any longer and download it now!

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