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Planet Smash Destruction Games

Planet Smash Destruction Games

3.3 by Planets destruction simulator
(0 Reviews) July 10, 2024
Planet Smash Destruction Games Planet Smash Destruction Games Planet Smash Destruction Games Planet Smash Destruction Games Planet Smash Destruction Games Planet Smash Destruction Games

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July 10, 2024
Planets destruction simulator
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More About Planet Smash Destruction Games

Equip new weapons and dominate!Take on exciting new missions!Experience numerous improvements!
Planets Smash - Solar System is an offline planets destroyer simulator game.
Your mission is very simple - to choose one of the solar system planets and to destroy it in various ways. Put bombs on the surface then detonate all of them. Launch as many rockets and missiles to any location on the planet Earth. Use laser fragments and get through lava right to the core of the planet. And finally, what if entire planets have tremendous impact? You can try it yourself, choose a big planet like Mars or Mercury and throw it right to the Earth, or any other planet in the solar system. Observe colossal planets smashed in the solar system with gorgeous realistic visual and audio effects. After destruction planets will have a realistic asteroid belt formed from the planets part. Dive into your own universe sandbox, pocket galaxy, smash solar system planets with all available weapons.
Enjoy brand new 2022 best of destruction games in space.

1. On the right side click the icon to select category and the weapon, tap on the planet to use it.
2. Change the weapon.
3. Control the camera and zoom for the best experience.
4. Change planet to another or reset current for a new round.
5. Complete tasks and achievements and get credits
6. Open new types of weapons and planets with credits

You can do planet collisions in a space destroyer simulator game.
1. Planets from entire solar system for you to destroy:
- Mercury
- Venus
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Saturn
- Uranus
- Neptune

Checkout all planets of solar system, destroy them all

2. Variety of weapons like:
- Missiles/Rockets
- Controlled Missiles
- Laser
- One-shot Laser
- Super Power Laser
- Bombs with a delayed detonation
- Asteroid/Meteor
- Meteors Rain
- Black Hole
- Sun
- SuperNova Star
- Mars
- Venus
- Mech Worm
- Cthulhu from another dimensions

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