Zombies and Flower PVZ Mod Minecraft MCPE

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This modification introduces a huge variety of plants and objects from the game of the same name into minecraft.

💬 Each plant the player can easily grow in order to protect his home from the zombies.
💬 To get plants, the player will have to find a character named Crazy Dave, who has all the plant seeds available.
To access Dave, the player needs to use a pot of vegetables on zombie Minecraft.

💬 💬 The most important thing is to protect him, because hostile mobs will try to kill Mad Dave.
But Dave will not give the player seeds just like that.

💬 Crazy Dave's currency is the sun, which is extracted from sunflowers, which, in turn, the player can purchase from the villagers.
To plant plants, the player will need a garden shovel, which is crafted from two iron ingots and two branches.
Also, a garden shovel has infinite durability, thanks to which the player has the possibility of endless planting of plants.

💬 It is extremely important to kill zombies with plants, because every fifth mob will drop a taco, thanks to which you can unlock new plants from Dave.
Taco is also useful in that taking it in hand, the player can take Dave to a safe place where he will not be overtaken by zombies.


One of the Best Free Mods for Minecraft: Plants Vs Zombies

➡️ ===> Pea Shooter
➡️ ===> Sunflower
➡️ ===> Walnut wall
➡️ ===> Cherry Bomb
➡️ ===> Frosty Pea Shooter
➡️ ===> Potato Mine
➡️ ===> Double Pea Shooter

Zombies vs Plants Addon Minecraft Features:
➡️ ===> Excellent modification based on the game of the same name
➡️ ===> Quick Installation

➡️ Install Plants & Zombies Addon for Minecraft! Get BONUS! 👍👍👍

➡️ 📢 Disclaimer: SkinPack MCPE Plants & Zombies is not the official game app from Mojang. Zombies vs. Plants textures for MINECRAFT PE is not affiliated with Mojang AB.
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