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Are you a yatzy addict?

Are you looking for an exciting small board game with dice that is similar to Yahtzee?

Download our newest FREE yahtzee game where you roll the dice and hold the winning combinations, whether it’s full house, straight, or Yatzy! Roll and hold and collect as many combinations as possible to win this game. Yatzy has various play Modes such as Dice 5, Dice 6, Triple Yahtzee, Kismet, and even multiplayer game where you play against real human player from around the world! This is more than just a game of chance, and requires you to have strategy and thought. Try our dice game now and soon you will become a yatzy master!

Most of us are probably familiar with the dice game called Yahtzee. There are various similar games such as yatzi, yatzee, yachty, and yahtzee. The rule is quite simple: you roll the dice (usually dice 5 but some variations use six dice) then choose and hold which scoring category you want to hold for that round. The categories include full house, 3 same dice, 4 same dice, straight, chance, and Yahtzee. After you use the category once, you cannot reuse again in that round. Yahtzee is where you score five dice of the same kind. The player who gets the largest number wins this small board game.

Our score sheet is automatically calculated for you, whether it’s Full house, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straight, flush, or Yatzy (five dice of a kind). All you must do is to plan when you lock the score you want. Focus and plan so you can get the highest score possible.

There are two types of game modes in Yatzy, Single Player and Multiplayer. In Multiplayer mode, you play normal five dice game, but instead of AI, you play against a real human player. To win, you must have higher score than your opponent. Remember that this is not just another game of chance. You must use strategy to win.

Roll the dice and tap on the scores on the left or on the right to lock it.
In this mode, you get six dice to roll! The small board game has 8 scores on the left and 9 on the right.
Roll five colored dice with 6 scores on the left and 9 winning combinations on the right.
This mode is similar to the normal yatzy game, but you roll the dice three times. The scores in the first column is 1x, second column 2x, and the third column 3x.

Other features of Yatzy – Winning Combinations:
- Addictive dice game
- Unlock Game Achievements
- View Stats
- View Leaderboard
- Extra roll for FREE if you watch an ad.
- Share this small board game with friends.
- Animations and appealing UI
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