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Speak and Translate – All Language Translator is specially designed for fast voice to voice and text to text translator purpose.

This voice translator fulfills all your translation needs. Speak & translate provide both features of voice & text translator, just speak and it will translate your voice into desired language and same as for the text.

Speak and translate theme is based on real conversation translator in which two persons can translate their voice and text in different languages, it works as a real conversation between two people creating more ease while translation. Voice to voice translator helps to translate the speech of both persons in desired languages and it plays the translation aloud.


*Two mics for different languages voice input to translate
*Accurate voice recognition for speech translation
*100+ languages working in speech-to-speech
*All these languages are included in text-to-text modes
*Online voice recognition and translation technology
*Talk to translate by just tapping on mics
*Edit your translations and copy or share
*Copy, Paste and Share translations in a single tap
*Works with any app that supports text sharing
*Speak the translated phrase out loud
*Text Translator for all major languages introduced
*UI Improved in the latest release to meet user needs

Voice to voice translator also have option of text translator. Text translator translate all your text into desired language and then plays it aloud, so it also works as text to voice translator, Text translator is always a good option beside the voice translator if you are not in a mood of speaking or you want translate lengthy paragraphs text translator is the best for such purposes.

Speak and translator app is also equipped with voice & text dictionary, you can search the meaning of words through voice or text input, The voice dictionary is simple to use just press mic and speak or say the word for which you want to know the meaning and just in microseconds you will get the meaning.

Speak and translate app will create ease for you in any part of the world, because it is designed as all languages translator to use as travel translator. Now never afraid of languages difference, and use this speak to translate voice to voice translator everywhere. You will speak in your own language and the native person will speak in his native language which will create ease in communication between two people of different. This Speak & translate app is the best travel translator that will remove the language barrier between the people and communication will become a piece of cake by real conversation translator.
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