Secret Chat

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Secret Chat helps you to convert your texts and images to a form that no one else can understand except you and the person to whom you send it to.

Have you ever been in a situation where:

* your mobile is with your friend and you pray that they don't see your chats and gallery ?
* you are watching a movie with your friends and suddenly a notification pops up with some personal message and everyone gets to see it !
* you want to send something special and secret but are surrounded by sneaky people ?
* your parents suddenly take up your phone and your heartbeat goes high !!!

If you have ever been in any of these situations, then this app will definitely be your lifesaver. The 'Secret Chat keyboard' encrypts your texts and images to some random stuff that no one can understand except the person to whom you send it to.
The person at the other end of the chat can open the secret message using the 'Secret Chat keyboard', decrypt the random stuff and read the secret message.

This app can save people from getting into the trap of cyber abusers, who bully/blackmail people using their private photos and conversations.

NOTE: This app never stores or logs user input and is entirely safe.


> users can encrypt texts and images
> encrypted images sent, never get stored in the receiver's phone
> images sent through this keyboard can never be screenshotted
> keyboard with emoji support

How to use:

I.Install the app
II.Change your keyboard to "safeboard"
a. Settings --> Additional settings/general management --> Language and Input --> Select Keyboard/Default keyboard -> safeboard

To send/receive a secret text:

1. Type a message.
2. Press the "lock button" on the keyboard (text will get converted to some random secret string).
3. Send this secret string
4. At the receiver end, select the secret string and press the "opened lock" button to retrieve the secret message.

To send/receive a secret image:

1. Click the image button on the keyboard
2. Choose an image from camera or gallery
3. The selected image gets converted to a file
4. Share the created file
4. At the receiver end, open the file using any available browsers (like chrome or firefox)
5. Select all text and copy
6. Click the broken image button in the keyboard to retrieve the secret image.

Though it is a bit lengthy process, it will make you feel worth it, as it never allows your images to get saved or screenshotted !

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