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✔ MIDI support. Practice with your real instrument.
✔ Practice and Timed mode. Each configuration (notes range, accidentals, key signatures, duration) has its own best time. If you set best time and then switched to different configuration (e.g. added sharps) you would see best time in this new configuration.
✔ Treble and bass keys.
✔ Two-staves mode.
✔ Status bar with current note time, average time per note and general progress. Goals (time & percent) are configurable.
✔ Ability to manage note staff configurations and quickly switch between them.
✔ Configurable notes range. Could be ALL your keyboard (A0-C8, La0-Do8).
✔ Configurable accidentals. None, sharps, flats, both.
✔ Configurable key signatures. Up to seven sharps/flats. Set minimum and maximum to the same value if you want to practice in one particular tonality (e.g. A-major, Sharps: 3-3).
✔ Configurable notation (C-D-E, Do-Re-Mi).
✔ Configurable staff size, notes density and status bar.
✔ Tap note staff to pause/resume.
✔ Progress stops until you play correct note.


✔ Connect your android device to your digital piano via “USB to host” or MIDI out connector. It’s usually USB A to B cable (most printers have one) and USB A to MicroUSB (or USB C) adapter (thing that allows to connect USB Flash Drive to your phone/tablet). Email me if you need assistance.
✔ You should see Allow dialog to read data from USB connection. If dialog doesn’t appear – you are doing something wrong with connections. Confirm that you allow.
✔ Now pressing your piano key should be reflected in app (green/red note).
✔ I don't have ability to test every instrument so if you have problems - please contact me to collaborate ( At least state your digital piano model. Thanks a lot.

Piano Note Trainer is developed for training note sheet sight reading with your REAL instrument. I tried a lot of existing applications and made some progress in note sight reading but mostly inside these applications. Practicing on real instrument shows low effectiveness of using these apps (at least for me). I found a lot of apps that propose sight reading learning using virtual keyboard and some apps that propose MIDI support but only predefined music and not random notes. So, I developed my own, for me, and happy with results in my note sheet sight reading progress. Hopefully someone else could find it useful.


✔ Chords
✔ Microphone support (for acoustic pianos)
✔ Score tracking & other gaming approach features
✔ Survival & other modes
✔ Your recommendations from your reviews ;)


Here is Piano Note Trainer’s Hall of Heroes. These persons helped this application to be better in one way or another:

✔ Sébastien Sirot (France)
✔ Jarosław Hajduk (Poland)
✔ Miguel Angel Serrano (Spain)
✔ Ulrich Maurer (Germany)
✔ Andy B (USA)
✔ Денис Радионович (Russia)
✔ Fabyo Westphal (Brazil)
✔ My wife and daughter

I’m opened for your suggestions about functionality, bug reports, etc. You still here? Stop reading and start improving your music sheet sight reading with Piano Note Trainer application right now! Happy learning!
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