Pirates of Zeonium - 3D nonstop action RPG

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After 2 years of development, we present to you Pirates of Zeonium, a free pirate simulation open-world game where you are the captain of a pirate warship.

You have full control over your ship and over your crewmen!

Packed with a ton of action, you can fight other pirates and plunder ships in multiple ways: you have cannons, swords and flintlocks, as well as a fully armed crew at your disposal. Choose your play style: lead as a honorable corsair and sink pirates with your cannons for a reward from the locals, or get straight into the action and show your bravery by boarding enemy ships and risk your crew in sword-to-sword combat! Kill other pirates for tons of silver and gold coins, and become the king of the seas!

⭐ roam and explore a proceduraly generated infinite open-world map
⭐ dig through the dense jungle on the islands for hidden treasures and chests
⭐ freely move around your ship
⭐ freely steer your sailboat
⭐ simulated waves and buoyancy
⭐ 24 unique missions and quests
⭐ 5 ship levels with different visuals - from a sloop to a galleon!
⭐ 5 cannon classes, with different visuals and/or characteristics
⭐ tons of upgrades - upgrade your ship's hull, sails and crew capacity - turn your ship into a floating fortress!
⭐ dynamic weather (fog and clear sky)
⭐ controllable cannons - for intense cannon fights!
⭐ sword fighting and flint guns for close combat fighting - fell like a pirate!
⭐ ragdoll physics and awesome animations
⭐ no timers, no energy system, no wait times - truely a non-stop action game
⭐ fantastic graphics - powered by Unreal Engine 4

Take note that this is an indie game, made by one single person. Altough i try and get as many features into the game as possible, i won't be able to bring all the features you might want to see into the game.

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