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Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano with a few easy steps.

Surprise your dad this fathers day by playing a fathers day greetings song on your piano. You will find plenty of songs for fathers day to give the best fathers day gift. Enjoy fathers day by playing your father’s favorite songs.

The Learn piano lessons for free app consist of perfect lessons for anyone who wants to learn independently. You may not have touched a piano before, but the smart lessons & courses of the piano academy can bring out the professional pianist in you.

Learn piano app includes categories
- Lessons for kids
- Easy piano tutorials
- Rules to play, virtual piano lessons
- Lessons to learn piano chords
- Lessons for beginners with music books
- Online short lessons for learning piano notes
- Sitting and hand position
- Reading notes
- Playing chords
- Lessons categorized based on different levels of learning piano

Many of us want to learn to play the piano, but it can get long and tedious learning music notes. What if there is an exciting way to learn how to play the piano? We made piano lessons app with easy-to-follow tips to practice anytime. Get out the real pianist in you!

Our free app helps you to master the fundamentals of playing the piano. Learn yourself with simple and easy-to-follow keyboard tutorials. Let it be lessons for beginners, experts, or courses on playing the piano; the piano teacher has it covered.

Our online tutorials help you to learn to play piano in six weeks or less. Challenge & practice every day with the piano academy. Enroll in chapters on how to read sheet music, lessons regarding minor scales or major scales, two-handed piano playing chords, etc. These lessons will aid your learning on a real piano. Each lesson in our piano app is curated by the best piano teachers from around the world.

Know secrets of learning and playing the piano; we offer perfect piano tutorials for you. Check out popular music scores, notes, perfect for beginners, kids, and advanced pianists. Let it be learning using a falling note, waterfall or music sheet (stave), left and right-hand setup, or A->B loop, based on speed and difficulty. With the learn to play piano for free app, check-out new ways to learning the keyboard.

Popular songs to learn piano are:
- Jingle bells, Twinkle Twinkle
- Happy birthday song
- Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or Fur Elise
- Classical songs of Mozart

Playing the piano in a flow is the key. We have songs from all genres such as classical, pop, jazz, rock, freestyle, Christian songs, organ, movie soundtracks, or latest games or anime music. Professional pianists' interactive tutorials provide step-by-step courses about chords, rhythm, playing with both hands.

Our app is endorsed by advanced pianists, music teachers, and musicians. Get new piano songs and exercises regularly based on difficulty. It helps to learn the keyboard at your own pace.

Our piano teacher helps you to master techniques like how to position your fingers, groupings, names of keys, notes for each position, staffs, clefs, and chords. Learn about notes, chords, classical and contemporary songs. The piano teacher helps you to study how to read sheet music, play while reading notes. Piano lessons help you improve skills like hand co-ordination, musical hearing, and rhythm.

Study piano anywhere, anytime now. Our online lessons help you learn your favorite songs and rhythms. Check out hundreds of free tutorials perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced pianists alike. We also have a vast collection of offline articles on how to learn and practice piano all your own.

What are you waiting for? Download the free learn piano app today to start learning and improving your piano skills.
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