Photo Tiles Free

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This interactive live wallpaper puts a grid of tiles on the home screen that act on your touch.

Free version is fully functional but many of the settings are locked. In the full version you can use all settings:

* Load a personal photo, which will be sliced into tiles with the selected shape.
* Distance, the further away the more tiles
* Spin Friction - lower friction makes tiles spin for a longer time
* Tile behavior:
- Spin (tiles turn when you swipe)
- Sphere (tiles shape the form of a globe that spins when you swipe)
- Push (tiles are pushed away and the dropping back to their original position)
- Push and spin (tiles are pushed away and spins at the same time)
- Jump and spin (tiles are drawn towards the screen and then returns, spinning at the same time)
* Touch strength - the higher the faster spin and harder push/jump
* Impact Area - higher number makes the touch radius bigger
* Tile Flash Interval - tiles may flash in different colors
* Stretch tiles to fit - tiles are shaped same ratio as the screen, no cropping of images.
* Distance between tiles, if you want gaps
* Tile shape - star, square, heart, lines, round, dollar, at-sign.
* Front-side color (of tile)
* Back side color (of tile)
* Background color
* Wallpaper priority (lower if you want more juice for the launcher and home screens)
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