Ok Google Voice Commands (Guide)

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This app provides a full list of voice commands and explain about how to use "ok google voice commands.

If you've recently purchased a new device like smart speaker, smart display etc. and want to know how you can operate them by using google voice commands. Then, Ok Google Voice Commands (Guide) is very helpful for you for explain google voice command for operating smart device. Here, we are providing best Google Assistant commands for you to try out. Whether you own a device with a voice assistant powered by Google Assistant, these voice assistants can help you manage your work schedule, tell you the latest news headlines and send messages to contacts on your phone.

Understand new OK Google voice commands for voice control, you can say OK Google and do things what you want by just commanding with your voice! Find OK Google Assistant commands and words in this simple guide and try them with Google Assistant! All these voice commands will work for Google Assistant Now!

In this app, there are list of 20+ Ok Google Voice Commands that will guide you about how to use okay Google Assistant voice actions and commands for performing task. Everything you can say to your phone or personal Google assistant is presented to you as a guide of about 25 categories of useful and powerful okay Google Assistant voice actions and commands. By saying OK Google, you can control your any smart device like smartphone, with help of Google Assistant (this app is not Google Assistant!).

Discover commands by seeing examples, understanding the use of 20+ commands, you can say to Google Assistant in your smartphone. You can command anything from given voice commands in the app, from searching the web , to checking email or messaging are presented in this full OK Google guide.

With these voice commands, you easily use your phone without touching it. For example, you can use your smartphone as a hands-free device while cooking! You can do task by controlling your device with pronouncing voice commands that you will find in our application.

it has feature that can help you to do task while giving command in voice to your android phone.

Feature of app:
- you can set alarm by using voice command.
- get directions by using voice command.
- you can play music and write mail and much more.
- you can use voice commands for searching your phone.
- ask question voice and get answers of your questions
- talk with your friends and family with the help of voice command.

With Ok Google Voice Commands or Google , you can do the following things even without touching of your phone:
• Set alarms
• Make calls
• Search the Web
• Send messages
• Ask Question and get answers
• Set reminders
• Check weather
• Find Phones
• Translate
• Get Directions
• Play music etc..

Please note that this app (Ok Google Voice Commands Guide) is just a guide for Google Assistant! All voice interaction and intelligent answers are powered by Google.

Please note that you will need the official "Google assistance" app, which you can download from Play Store for controlling your device with your voice. Also, don’t forget to enable voice detection for google voice assistance for enhancing hands-free device control experience.

Ok Google Voice Commands (Guide) is not official Google app is a guide to all voice commands for Google Assistant which can be used with voice search.
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