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Notable features:

- Dice types: D4, D8 with numbers 1-4, D6 with dots, D6 with numbers, D8, D10 (hundreds), D10 (ones), D12, D20, and D30.
- Dice colours: white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, white marble, black marble, cyan glow, lava, neon, copper, red "celtic knot", Fudge, Settlers, black and bronze, and black and aluminium dice.
- Rolling surfaces: felt, wood, ice, marble, and carpet, each with their own physics and sounds.
- Optionally use the motion sensor on your device to roll the dice.
- Easily create and use presets so that rolling is fast and easy.
- Use preset groups to organise your tabletop gaming experience.
- Resize the dice from 50% to 200% of default size - great for rolling many dice.
- Many configuration options, from light intensity to physics options.
- Realistic dice rolling sounds.

Revision history (from 2.3 onwards):

Release 3.8:
- Added a history of previous rolls.
- Slight tweaks to dice shadows to make them look a bit better.

Release 3.7:
- Removed Unity's analytics and ad packages.
- Added privacy policy.

Release 3.6:
- Fixed red and blue percentile dice totals again again. Unity seems to be breaking those dice, so i've completely deleted and recreated them. Hopefully this fix sticks. Apologies to all.
- Added a button on the preset editor to let people who are unable to enter negative modifiers make the modifier negative.

Release 3.5:
- Reduced the size of the app a little bit
- Fixed totalling of the red tens D10 and blue ones D10 (thanks for the email, Scott)

Release 3.4:
- Fixed negative numbers in preset modifiers. Again. (thanks for the email, Jason)

Release 3.3:
- Added quick usage instructions if the tour is skipped

Release 3.2:
(Apologies for the frequent updates; people keep finding bugs from 3.0)
- Fixed a couple more dice that were totalling incorrectly (thanks for the email, Anderson)
- Made the two buttons at the top of the screen a little less obtrusive

Release 3.1:
- Fixed a few D6s that were causing incorrect totals (thanks for the report, Stano) in a few different dice sets
- Added an option to turn off the total display
- Added Black and Bronze dice set
- Added Black and Aluminium dice set

Release 3.0:
- Significant rework of the user interface to better support large screens
- Redid the preset interface to make it easier to use
- Added D6s with numbers on them to all relevant dice sets
- Added D30s to all relevant dice sets
- Added preset groups
- Added a tour of the app for new users
- Updated to Unity 2018.3
- Tweaked some audio and physics settings
- Adjusted the "Purple Metallic" dice to actually appear metallic
- Redid the "Black Marble" and "White Marble" dice to look more like actual marble

Release 2.8:
- Updated the about screen.

Release 2.7:
- Added configuration option to mute audio
- Added ability to set the dice size (from 50% to 200% of normal size)
- Added a series of new ways to roll the dice
- Added a way to exit the app

Release 2.6:
- Fixed preset modifier field to allow negative numbers

Release 2.5:
- Disable debugging setting accidentally left on for release 2.4.

Release 2.4:
- Upgraded to Unity 2018
- Fixed the "ones" D10 to give a value of ten when rolled outside of a percentile roll
- Lowered glowiness of the "cyan glow" D6
- Set the "clear dice before rolling" preference to on by default for new installs

Release 2.3:
- Added sound (thanks Justin)
- Tweaked the glowiness of the cyan glow dice
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